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MBSW Tights

In Uncategorized on November 19, 2013 at 8:24 pm


I decided today that I really need to go shopping for some new tights.  It’s that time of year, and the only tights in the drawer are all in a sorry state.  The only tights in my current collection are MBWS tights.  You know, “Must Be Worn Strategically” tights.

There’s the Ribcage Pair, i.e. the pair so stretched out the waistband is around your ribcage.

The Elephant Knees & Ankles pair that requires constant pulling up so avoid the elephant leg look (of course this pair is usually gray as well).

Speaking of gray, there’s the Fade to Black er I mean Gray pair – once a beautiful rich black and now a black/grey dull color.

The Under Your Pants pair (not to be confused with underpants) are for wearing on cold Chicago winter days when wearing tights under fully lined wool pants is necessary and acceptable.  They must be worn but not seen.

There’s the Fuzzy Sweater Tights – these tights were not purchased as sweater tights but were instead accidentally thrown into the wash with that fuzzy grey sweater you own.  And of course if these tights are big and stretched out, they are now the Fuzzy Sweater Elephant Knee & Ankle pair.

The Must Wear With Boots Pair has holes and pilling around the feet and ankles and cannot be work with flats or heels.  The alternative to this pair of tights is the Long Skirt pair – the feet are fine but above the ankle is a mess.

Are there other styles of tights in your collection?


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