In recent economic times many of my friends and colleagues have searched for new jobs, lost their jobs, quit their jobs, hated their jobs etc.  In fact, at one point, nearly everyone in my book club was looking for a new job, which led to a discussion on resignation letters – the ones we’ve written and the ones we wished we could have sent. I decided to write a book, ” Suck it: 100 Letters of Resignation to My Future Former Boss,” and compile real and imaginary resignation letters, referring often to current events or inspired by funny stories from friends.  The writing has been fun and cathartic after a bad work day but I have stalled at just over 60 letters.  In an effort to stir up some creativity I have decided to start blogging the letters once/week.

While writing this blog and my resignation letters I have gotten distracted by life – becoming a first-time car owner, spending lots of time in the suburbs, observing other people.  So you’ll notice my posts can vary a little.

Hope you enjoy and don’t quit on me!


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