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FFB 39: There’s no place like home

In Uncategorized on April 20, 2013 at 1:49 pm

Dear Future Former Boss:

I resign. I quit. I am leaving you. I wish I could tell my 30 year old self that this condo would never be worth it but don’t we all have something to tell our 30 year old selves? Like maybe, you think your metabolism is slow now, wait till 35! Or your boobs will never be this perky. They cannot defy gravity or age. I digress.

So now I sit in my little boxed up condo, waiting for the movers to call to say they’re on their way and try not to be sad about how things turned out with this place. Because I am so happy about the next place, the next adventure, the new roommate. And so what if I made a mistake way back when anyway.

I just wish I could remember which box has the booze in it. I hope it’s labeled “fragile!” And I hope it’s the first box I unpack!


Your future former owner and soon to be renter


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