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Take back personal grooming!

In Uncategorized on September 24, 2012 at 9:03 pm

During this campaign season I have decided to launch my own campaign: Take Back Personal Grooming.

Take Back Personal Grooming.  Keep it to yourself.  Do it in private.  Just because you CAN do it in public doesn’t mean you should.  So, let me be clear:

1. Floss your teeth in the bathroom, not on public transportation.

2. Apply your hemorrhoid cream in the bathroom stall, not out in the locker room while you’re talking to me (or even if you’re not talking to me).

3. Cut your fingernails and toenails at home over a garbage can. Not on the 9 hour flight back from Belgium.

4. Pee in the toilet, or even the alley. Just not on public transportation.

5. This is TMI but it’s not my fault: Ladies, if you need to use a feminine hygiene product, say a panty liner, you need to put that in your underwear alone in a bathroom stall.  Not out in the locker room in my face when I’m bent over tying my shoes. You can kill two birds with one stone by bringing that hemorrhoid cream with you (see #2).

5 1/2. Ok this one is just a pet peeve and a real long shot in the campaign: stop spitting in public! Keep your saliva to yourself.  There is biologically no reason you need to spit all over the sidewalk.

This list will expand of course and I welcome comments and additions.  In the mean time, Take Back Personal Grooming.  Keep it to yourself, make it personal already.

I’m Jen and I approve this message.

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