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A Government Shut-Down? Really?

In Uncategorized on April 8, 2011 at 12:03 pm

Congress, can you please just do your jobs?  Aren’t you embarrassed that it’s already April and you haven’t passed this year’s budget yet?  Most families can’t function nearly 200 days into the year without a family budget. I realize you all have job security until 2012 but the rest of the American workers have to do our jobs to keep them.

Republican holdout on funding for Planned Parenthood?  We can’t pass a fiscal year budget because Planned Parenthood receives federal funding that does not go toward abortions?

Republicans say federal funding for those services frees up more private funds for abortions.  So they propose taking funds away from Planned Parenthood services such as cancer and blood pressure screenings  and cholesterol checks.  Hmm.  Will I have enough private funds to pay for a cancer screening or blood pressure check or birth control? If I don’t have health insurance because Republicans do not believe health care is a right, then how can I afford preventive care?

I guess I better get back to my job.

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